Technological expertise

ALFAPUR Technologies brings its technical expertise and technological proficiency to companies wishing to deepen the development of their project using our laboratory, our piloting and / or industrial demonstration facilities. These techniques and skills are applicable to specific projects requiring viable treatment capacities and initiation of the pre-requisite engineering studies.

ALFAPUR technical staff is made up of an experienced team of Researchers, Engineers, Material Engineering Technicians and Operators in Mechanical and Chemical engineering. They possess well-grounded and cogent expertise in Membrane Purification Processes, Filtration and the treatment of hazardous materials.



Research and development of new state-of-the-art membranes has always been our strength. This accounts for the reason why our team is constantly working to offer new products and innovative solutions to improve the customer processes, increase productivity while maintaining economical rates, reduce waste, and meet the standards to adhere to all kinds of consumer needs.

R&D Services
R&D Services

Technical solutions and services

Building on scientific research carried out in recent years, ALFAPUR Technologies applies proven solutions and technologies that can be easily implemented in your facilities.

Our experts will be available to help one achieve their goals in all spheres of the industry. Thanks to our objective recommendations, our exclusive assessment tools developed by our research teams and our equipment in place, the customers shall retain their market share and continue to increase profits. The primordial aim remains to build a long-term relationship of trust with you. This is why we strive to support you and work as a closely-knitted company with you to generate significant impacts for your business.

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R&D Services